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Since 2016, Veritas has supported the principles that have protected our right to know for generations: independent, verifiable, accountable and aggressive journalism.


VERITAS nurtures journalism in the public interest through a variety of activities:

  • Our team organizes national conferences regularly aimed at mid-career journalists and academics to address current domestic and international issues of practice in journalism.

  • We facilitate ambitious reporting on under-represented subjects important to Canadian audiences.

  • Veritas promotes the importance of the role that journalism plays in Canada and internationally.

  • We host public speaking events featuring prominent Canadian voices on matters of civic engagement, journalism, the public’s right to know and government accountability.

  • Veritas creates and fosters a network of international journalists and organizations that share the goals and values of Veritas and assist in broad, cross-border reporting.

  • Veritas aims to be the home for a database of resources and tools to support practicing journalists and academics in their specific fields of endeavor; international reporting, legal frameworks, technology, the complexities of filing FOI requests, to name a few.

  • Our team aims to facilitate a cohesive national strategy for the regular and ongoing professional development of working journalists in Canada that is respected by both practitioners and academics.


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